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Easily one of the most stunning pieces of fan art I have ever seen.

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yet another A Study in Pink and His Last Vow parallel

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The address is 221B Baker Street

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Get to know me: [3/5] favorite male characters

Sherlock Holmes played by Benedict Cumberbatch

"Anderson, don’t talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street."

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Mary Morstan according to character tropes

Sherlock Holmes (x) John Watson (x) Johnlock (x)

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Why did I pay so much attention in making this? I’m usually impatient in making these. WHY. 

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make me choose | ohmeohmygoodness asked: sherlolly or johnlock?

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If you put a bee in the freezer, it will get cold and fall asleep. After it’s asleep, put it in your mouth, but don’t eat it. Just let it sit there. It will get warm and wake up. Now you have a bee in your mouth.

Why the fuck would I do that

It’s a metaphor