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SHERLOCK AU - After tracking down Irene Adler, Sherlock finds himself in the middle of a heist.

"Up to old tricks again?"

“A girl has to eat. Dinner?”

"I have a much better idea."

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john + changing subjects aka just answer the fucking question john

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Is it just me, or does John seem far more surprised to find a woman in Sherlock’s bedroom than he is to find Sherlock in a drug den?  

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You are spot on, my friend.

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something beautiful happened on my dash

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Sherlock + self-awareness

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The predatory stare of Sherlock Holmes.

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Martin Freeman behind the scenes. Graphite pencils 10H-8B on Strathmore Bristol 400. Used this photo from the making of The Empty Hearse as reference… thank you :) New tab for better res. Pairs with this drawing of Benedict. [my art tag]

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White coloured pencil and grey pastel pencil on A4 black paper.

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Sherlock ending with Sherlock’s retirement, away from 221B, and Mycroft telling him just wait, Sherlock waits and Mycroft gives him a big box. Sherlock is surprised but then, after opening it, an Irish Setter puppy pops up and Sherlock’s face contracts. He looks at Mycroft, bewildered, and his brother says: “you don’t want to be alone again, do you?”

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“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..”

― John Milton, Paradise Lost

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'The Woman.'

'Where is she? That Woman. THE Woman. The Woman Woman.'

Sherlock Fan art; IT TOOK TOO LONG, JEEZ. *Weeps*

Why the Rose?

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